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Classic Boat Share is designed to make owning a classic boat easy, affordable, and fun. We take care of looking after the maintenance on the boat for you and the costs are shared between the 5 owners of the boat. You book the dates you wish to use your boat online 24 hours a day on a point system to ensure fair sharing of the vessel across the year. You will be part of a family of boat owners, sharing experience, and enjoying events with as little or as much participation as you desire.

You have fond memories of renting a Halvorsen at Bobbin Head and would love to relive those moments
You have always wanted to own a beautiful timber boat but don’t know how to look after it
You used to own a classic boat and only have limited funds to own one now
You don’t have the time to look after a classic boat, but you would dearly love to own one
Your champagne taste in boats doesn't meet the beer budget

How it Works

Book your boat online 24 hours a day using your points
We take care of looking after your boat and it’s maintenance
Become one of 5 owners in a beautiful classic boat


Classic Boat Share was an idea that came about because of a need.

Classic Boats take time and money to look after, both of which have become more limited to most.

Being in the boating industry for some 12 years, we often have clients telling us of their fond memories of hiring a classic cruiser with their Mum and Dad for the weekend and never forgetting how special that was, at locations like Bobbin Head.

Current maintenance costs and regulations make hiring out classic boats financially unviable turning classic boats into share boats is the closest we can get under current circumstances to achieving that dream for so many but also in securing the future of the classic boats fleet, which is such an important part of our history.

That’s why Classic Boat Share came about, and we hope it will be just the start of a very exciting future with as many people enjoying beautiful classic boats as possible, for many years to come.

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